The Working with Children Check (WWCC) is a State Government initiative established to ensure the safety of children by checking and monitoring criminal records for offences such as sex, drug, or violence offences. Life Saving Victoria (LSV) requires that all relevant individuals comply with this check.

The following details are provided by Life Saving Victoria:

Who Needs a WWCC? Any person aged 18 years or over, whether in a voluntary or paid role, who works with individuals under 18 years of age in any capacity, must have a valid Working with Children Check registered to Life Saving Victoria and their affiliated Life Saving Club. According to the Department of Justice WWC Check website, the requirement is defined as “Contact that is not incidental to but normally part of providing a service or activity for children” (viewed 1 December 2013,

This requirement includes:

  • All patrolling members
  • Members involved in any aspect of nipper programs (qualified or unqualified)
  • Participants in training and leadership camps (lifesaving and competition)
  • Members in professions requiring a police check for employment purposes, including police officers and teachers

Special Note for Police Officers and Teachers: Police Officers must still obtain a WWCC despite their professional background. Teachers must list Dromana Bay LSC and Life Saving Victoria as volunteer organizations on their VIT registration at VIT Registration. Without a WWCC or our organization listed, Life Saving Victoria and the Club will not be informed of any relevant charges.

Dromana Bay Life Saving Club Policy:

  1. Policy Support and Compliance: Dromana Bay LSC (The Club) fully supports the legislative framework of the Working with Children (WWC) Check. This policy outlines how the Club will enforce the requirements and guidelines of the Working with Children Act 2005 (the Act) and LSV Working With Children Check Policy.

  2. Priority of Legislation: In case of any inconsistency between this policy and the Act or relevant SLSA and LSV regulations (Overriding Rules), the latter will prevail.

  3. WWCC Requirement: All Club members aged 18 years and over must obtain a WWC Check. This ensures a safe environment for young members and simplifies administrative processes.

  4. Non-Active Members: Some members may be unable to participate in Club activities but wish to stay connected. The Committee may allow such members to remain without a WWC Check if they are:

    • Non-Active Members as defined by the Constitution
    • Not involved in child-related work
    • Not Nipper Parents
    • Not assisting with Nipper, Cadet, or Junior Club activities
    • Not otherwise required to hold a WWCC

    This is at the absolute discretion of the Committee, which may delegate this discretion to a sub-committee, the Registrar, or another senior Committee member.

How to Obtain a Volunteer WWCC:

  1. Visit the Working With Children Check Unit website: Working With Children Check and follow the instructions to apply for a WWCC. Fill out the application form online and lodge it at Australia Post.

  2. Use the following codes:

    • Clubs and Associations – 42
    • Coaching and Tuition – 28
    • Camps (if applicable) – 10
  3. To ensure that Dromana Bay LSC and LSV are notified of any legal breaches (e.g., sexual misconduct), list both organizations as volunteer organizations on your WWCC. Provide the following details:

    Primary Organisation: Life Saving Victoria
    Address: PO Box 353, SOUTH MELBOURNE VIC 3205
    Phone: 03 9676 6930

    Other Organisation: Dromana Bay LSC
    Address: PO Box 52, Dromana VIC 3936

Club Contact for VIT: Email: (Temporary)

Important Note: DO NOT use the Club’s physical address as there is no mail delivery to the clubhouse.

Membership Acceptance: Membership applications will not be processed until the Club receives the appropriate Notice of Assessment from the Department of Justice and Community Safety. This process can take up to 60 days, so apply for your WWCC well in advance.

Adding the Club to an Existing WWCC: If you already hold a valid WWCC (paid work or volunteer), add Dromana Bay LSC and LSV as volunteer organizations by logging into your online WWCC account at WWCC Online System.

Updating Your Details: You must inform the Department of Justice and Community Safety within 21 days of any change in your contact, employment, or volunteer details. This is a legal requirement under the Working with Children Act 2005. Failure to comply can result in financial penalties. Update your details at the WWCC website: Update WWCC Details

Negative Notices: The WWCC screens for criminal activity related to the safety of children under 18 years of age. If an application is denied, a Negative Notice is issued by the Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety. Both the applicant and Life Saving Victoria’s CEO will be notified. Life Saving Victoria adheres to strict privacy laws regarding such information.

If a member receives a Negative Notice, they cannot be a member of Dromana Bay SLSC and Life Saving Victoria.