Dromana Bay

IRB Team

Join our Inflatable Rescue Boat team to hone your skills in the surf.


IRB Racing

Inflatable Rescue Boats are an important piece of rescue equipment for Surf Lifesaving. Particularly at our club it allows us to perform rescues more swiftly with usually greater distances to rescues in the bay than at surf beaches. IRB racing allows our patrolling member the opportunity to hone our skills to perform search and rescues in all conditions that we may be challenged with in an emergency.

Our Team

Dromana Bay IRB Racing Team was formed in 2021 and is the first competitive team in our 25 year club history. We train from the beginning of the patrol season up until the start of the VIC IRB competition which commences at the end of the summer patrol season from April – June. There are 5 rounds at various clubs around the state with the season finishing with the State Championships around the end of June.

Training consists of learning 5 different categories of rescue that we race and compete –

  • IRB Rescue: a team of one driver and one crew race out to sea to collect a patient and return to shore
  • IRB Tube Rescue: similar to the IRB Rescue, the crewperson must swim with a tube to collect a patient
  • Mass Rescue: a team of one driver and one crew must collect one patient, return to shore, and head back out to sea to collect a second patient
  • Teams Rescue: similar to the mass rescue, an additional team is incorporated into the event to do a changeover after the first team has collected their patient
  • IRB Relay: is a continuous relay involving each of the events described above.

This is an adrenaline filled sport that requires strength, endurance and technical skills to compete in all conditions. Our trainers and IRB coach provide training programs for members interested in improving the driver/crew skills as well as those wanting to compete for our club.


  • The IRB team now meets Wednesday 6pm and Sunday 8.30am (during training and competition season). 

If you are interested in joining and would like further information about IRB racing, please contact Evan Trim – IRB Development Coach – vicepresident@dromanabaylsc.com