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What a year this continues to be. Firstly, I trust you, your family members and friends are keeping safe and well during the pandemic. Since late March, the clubrooms have been shut and all activities suspended. The main impact of this was the cancellation of Awards Night and other planned social events as well as the loss of revenue through regular hire of the function space. We have been fortunate that the worst days of the pandemic were not during the peak summer season.

As with all that we have experienced in the last 6 months, with various changes to our behaviours and work practices, with social distancing and protection, this coming season will also be different. Life Saving Victoria (LSV) have been working hard over these last few months to support and provide clubs with necessary COVID Safe practices and equipment. The dynamic and fluid situation of the pandemic means that nothing is definite. We all wait for the Victorian Government to announce the lifting of restrictions based on meeting key criteria. There are planned scenarios for patrolling, training and the running of the Nippers program with the variation of these restrictions.

During October, LSV will continue to provide guidance and information based on the Victorian Governments decisions. The committee is in the process of making the club COVID Safe, and are discussing our own plans about which activities may be permissible at the club.

October is when membership renewal occurs. The committee has not set a date for membership renewal at this stage as we wait until the Goverment’s announcement later this month. The upcoming season will be different, the extent of changes required is yet to be seen. There will be more communication of these announcements when decisions are finalised over the next weeks.

Take care,

Lindsay - President

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